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Get to know the artist... Yasmin Jaidin

Yasmin Jaidin is a contemporary artist born in 1987 and currently teaching Art at Maktab Duli Sixth Form Centre. She obtained her BA in Art Practice from Goldsmiths, London and she continued with her MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College, University of the Arts London. She participated in exhibitions locally and internationally (London, Japan)

We at Creative Space Art gallery & Studio are honored to present her unique piece of art work entitled ‘Trace 02’ for the exhibition: EMERGE4: SYNESTHESIA, which runs from the 10th of September, 2017 to 8th of October, 2017.

The particularity of her artwork is that she created it entirely out of granulated white sugar and water. The original form of the object is of several bricks of sugar. Yasmin stated that she left the sculpture out under the rain for over a period of a week which has resulted in the final form of display now. She was concerned with the questioning of how these materials and ingredients are used in the everyday and how they tend to be overlooked.

'Trace 02' encompasses as well concepts of deterioration in any physical object. It acts as a recording of the falling of moisture in our atmosphere in separate drops. This sculptural form appears before the viewer as everything but the sound rain produces- all physical forms left is but of a trace of the rain.

Rain is a significant element in her piece of art. Yasmin incorporated the sound of rain into her piece of work. “The idea of using sound to form a visual and physical piece of work rather than represent sounds as is will be an interesting concept to translate one sensory form into another. It also brings an awareness to those with sound sensory impairments into allowing them to view how artists express this sense into a visual and physical form.” This is fundamentally how her work linked creatively to the principle of synesthesia. She encapsulated every aspect of the rain into her sculpture that in turn creates a memory and a recording of all the senses the rainfall brings.

The artist expressed as well her personal feelings toward the rain, and came out with a phrase that evokes much for her ‘Hujan membawa berkat’ (The rain brings blessing). Her piece of art makes us reflect on the beauty of this natural phenomenon.

EMERGE 4: SYNESTHESIA runs from the 10th of September, 2017 to 8th of October, 2017. The public are invited to visit Creative Space Art Gallery & Studio, 10. 00a.m to 4. 00p.m every day except Mondays and Fridays.

EMERGE is an initiative by Creative Space Art Gallery & Studio to provide a platform for local emerging artist to showcase their artworks to the public. The aims of the EMERGE project includes transforming artist’s creative endeavors into a sustainable activity and to contribute to the development of the Sultanate’s contemporary art scene.

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